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OUR EXPERIENCED GPs; Dr Rebecca George & Dr Melanie Parashar



Same-day urgent bookings every day Mon to Fri.

Welcome to Northside Health NT, Darwin, where functional & integrative medicine exist alongside mainstream general practice. Opened in October 2015 with GPs and allied health professionals offering high levels of experience and exceptional quality of care.

We welcome Samantha Richter, who is both a Physiotherapist and an Osteopath, with a special interest in Pelvic Health and continence.

Northside is extremely proud to have received the 2019 Darwin Pride Ally of The Year Award and the inaugural Darwin Pride Community Award 2017 recognising our service to the Darwin LGBTI communities.

We also congratulate Dr Danielle Stewart on being one of two finalists for 2017 NT GP Of The Year (NT Health Professionals Of The Year Awards).



Looking deeply at the root causes of symptoms to restore balance and functioning. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex, this involves detailed diagnostic tests and evidence based approaches to achieve longterm outcomes.


GPs working in mainstream care with a high level of experience providing reliable care for all your family's needs.


Combining the best care from both conventional medicine and evidence-based complementary medicine.


Detailed nutritional, biochemical & metabolic assessments & therapy, based on the philosophy that gut health and what you eat is at the core of wellbeing.



Plan for a healthier future using holistic nutrition, lifestyle and herbal therapies tailored specifically to you.



With a particular focus on mindfulness as a tool to help break through.


Visiting specialist GPs offer expertise in LGBTI issues and absolute acceptance. Particular expertise in transgender and gender diverse healthcare for adults and young people and the prescription of PrEP.


Our PHYSIO and OSTEO has a special interest in pelvic health and continence. 

We offer the best of integrative, functional, nutritional and lifestyle medicine alongside high quality conventional general practice care.


This is a home base for your wellness, where you can seek integrative approaches whilst maintaining your GP care. Your records and results are all in the one place. We look very much at the whole person and seek to heal root causes of health issues. This is holistic medicine practised in a very scientific ("evidence based") way, at the cutting edge of applying medical research to clinical practice.  


Northside practitioners are here because of their level of experience and skill, and because of who they are. We recognise that it is not enough to be just clinically excellent or a caring practitioner but that a patient rightly wants both. 


The culture of our clinic is one of kindness. We value being respectful and calm. Children are made welcome with great kids’ areas. Northside is a small clinic where the quality is more important than the quantity- a small, comfortable, welcoming, healing space.



At Northside Health we take pride in making sure you get the service and care you need. We offer many more options than a usual General Practice so our receptionists are skilled at helping you choose the best match for your needs. We offer General Practitioner appointments with Dr Melanie Parasher, Dr Rebecca George and Dr Roxane Craig and we can assist with your enquiry for an integrative/functional specialist doctor's appointment

We can discuss or book you into our Naturopath, Dietitian or Psychologist.

We run the Darwin LGBTI Monthly Clinic with visiting LGBTI doctors; please call or email for appointments (only LGBTI Clinic appointments are bulk billed).

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