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Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Clinic

A multidisciplinary approach

Northside has been funded by the Australian Government to provide a specialised service for pelvic pain and endometriosis until 2026.

All these services are offered at no or low cost.

If you are a girl, woman or were assigned female at birth, and experience pelvic pain and/or endometriosis, you can access this service.

You will be offered a series of appointments with our nurse, female GP, pelvic physiotherapist and psychologist. A detailed Management Plan will be developed.

You will also have access to our free group sessions. These will provide a wealth of information to empower you to manage your health. Presenters and session topics include a naturopath, pelvic physio, dietitian, gynaecologist, yoga, hydrotherapy, fertility expert, exercise and psychology.

Call or email us to request your Welcome Pack. On completion of the intake questionnaires, we can start your bookings.

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