Northside Health NT  Consultation Fees

Fees at Northside are based on the Practitioner you are seeing and the time and complexity of the appointment.

Telehealth consults are available to reduce COVID-19 transmission risk and support you to self-isolate. The same fees and Medicare rebates apply. 

Phone or video appointments are currently eligible for Medicare rebates only if you have been seen face to face at the clinic within 12 months of your Telehealth appointment.

Telehealth Bulkbilling for brief appointments not requiring discussions- eg. extension of medical certificates or existing prescriptions.

As a guide, the following fees are charged:

General Practitioner:

15 minutes $95, rebate of $38.75 from Medicare

30 min $190, rebate of $75.05

45 min $270, rebate of $110.50


Integrative Doctor:

First Appointment with Integrative Doctor:

30 minutes $220, rebate of $75.05

Review appointments:

15 minutes $95, rebate of $38.75 from Medicare

30 min $190, rebate of $75.05

The LGBTI Monthly Clinic is funded by the Australian Government. All appointments are bulkbilled.


1 hour $220 (Medicare or private health fund extras rebates may apply).


1 Hour $165, 30 minutes $95 (private health extras rebates may apply).

Vitality Visit $55 for 15 minutes- brief issue only OR specific package of advice for optimising your strength and health during COVID-19. 

The Vitality Visit 15-minute consultation is designed to be a brief overview of your needs with the aim of offering you advice about acute or short term concerns such as cold/flu or tummy upset. 

These appointments are not designed to address more complex or longstanding conditions in a holistic way. If you have a more complex or chronic health concern, please book either a new patient or follow-up appointment to allow for proper assessment and treatment.


1 hour $200, 45 mins $150, 30 mins $100 (Medicare or private health fund extras rebates may apply).