Northside Health NT  Consultation Fees

Fees at Northside are based on the Practitioner you are seeing and the time and complexity of the appointment.

April-September 2020- Telehealth consults are available to reduce COVID-19 transmission risk and support you to self-isolate. The same fees and Medicare rebates apply.

Telehealth Bulkbilling applies to certain categories including: 

For people over 70, ATSI over 50, or with a chronic health condition, immune compromised, pregnant, under 16, with a child under 1, with a Health Care Card OR who are under financial strain due to COVID-19.

Bulkbill also for: brief appointments not requiring discussions- eg. existing prescriptions or extension of medical certificates.

As a guide, the following fees are charged:

General Practitioner:

15 minutes $95, rebate of $38.75 from Medicare

30 min $190, rebate of $75.05

45 min $270, rebate of $110.50


Integrative Doctor:

15 minutes $95, rebate of $38.75 from Medicare

30 min $190, rebate of $75.05

45 min $285, rebate $110.50

First Appointment with Integrative Doctor:

45 to 60 minutes $350, rebate of $110.50

The LGBTI Monthly Clinic is funded by the Australian Government. All appointments are bulkbilled.

Phone or Skype appointments are currently eligible for Medicare rebates.



1 hour $220 (Medicare or private health fund extras rebates may apply)


1 Hour $165, 30 minutes $95 (private health extras rebates may apply).

Vitality Visit $55 for 15 minutes- brief issue only OR specific package of advice for optimising your strength and health during COVID-19. 

The Vitality Visit 15-minute consultation is designed to be a brief overview of your needs with the aim of offering you advice about acute or short term concerns such as cold/flu or tummy upset. 

These appointments are not designed to address more complex or longstanding conditions in a holistic way. If you have a more complex or chronic health concern, please book either a new patient or follow-up appointment to allow for proper assessment and treatment.


1 hour $200, 45 mins $150, 30 mins $100 (Medicare or private health fund extras rebates may apply)

Northside Health NT  Tel: 79997448