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General Practice

Northside's GPs offer the very best of conventional medical approaches. They practise alongside our allied practitioners to cover many needs ranging from acute illnesses, mental health, women's health including IUD & Implanon insertion, men's health, children's health, musculoskeletal problems, skin complaints and routine check-ups and tests. Our GPs can tackle pretty much anything! 

Northside's priority is to provide the highest level of medical care whilst also offering the reassurance of consistency and continuity of care. Our focus is on being respectful and always striving to go that extra bit further for each patient. When you seek Northside's assistance for your wellbeing, you will deal with the same small team of reception staff, nurses and doctors. Each patient has a name and a face to us! This creates an important trust and reliability. Our doctors are there for you. Most bring more than a decade of clinical experience to their consult with you, so you know you are in good hands. So sit back, relax, and let us see what we can do to help.

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