Dr. Danielle Stewart
Principal Doctor.

Functional Medicine & Integrative GP 

Dr Stewart set up Northside Health NT in response to the ever growing patient need for an Integrative and Functional Medical "home" surrounded by high quality practitioners.

Dr Stewart started her nutritional medicine training in 1998 and since then has been trained by a range of medical organisations such as BioBalance, MINDD, ACNEM & The Kresser Institute. Her main focus is to help people solve often longstanding health problems by finding the underlying cause. She believes quality time spent with each person can be radically life changing when they are able to rediscover wellness and vitality.


Dr Elizabeth Buchholz General Practitioner

Northside is very happy to welcome Dr Elizabeth Buchholz to the team.


Dr Libby is originally from country Victoria.  She graduated from Monash University in 2012, completed General Practice training in Lorne, Victoria, before moving to Darwin in 2020.


Libby enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and is looking forward to exploring more of the top end.


Libby has worked in both rural and metro settings alike with most of her experience in rural general practice and urgent care.


Libby is interested in all areas of general practice, with a particular interest in women's health and antenatal care. Libby strives to empower people to make positive choices to live happy healthy lifestyles.

Dr George has been in Darwin for over a decade with many years of experience in mainstream General Practice. 

She is interested in women's health, child health, preventive health and any general health concern. She is available for acute issues or may be booked in advance for your General Practice health needs.

She provides caring and thorough approaches and has a following of dedicated patients. Dr George is taking new patients for non-integrative medical care.

Dr George practises at Northside on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Dr George is an RACGP Fellow.

Dr. Rebecca George

General Practitioner

Anne-Marie McDonald


Anne-Marie graduated with a Bachelor Naturopathy from Southern Cross University in Lismore in 2001. She thrives on learning, researching and implementing evidence based natural medicines to complement and enhance the medical care her patients are receiving. 

Her particular interest in thyroid, autoimmune and woman’s hormonal disorders is driven by personal experience. After the birth of her second child, Anne-Marie was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid condition, which took her on a journey of self-reflection and healing that would draw not only on her clinical experience and skill, but also test her faith in the power of natural medicine. She triumphed over weight gain, fatigue, depression and hair loss to run three half marathons and a full marathon in the following years, and has not required medication for over 10 years. 

Anne-Marie believes that the body is designed to heal and that most of the time, the solutions can be found in nature. She also believes that if we are brave enough to discover how our body works and empower ourselves with the knowledge and skills to make sustainable changes, we can enjoy optimal health and wellbeing and take on anything we choose. 

Dr Penny Steele

 General Practitioner

Northside is very excited to welcome Dr Penny Steele to the team in 2020!


Penny has been working in Darwin for 17 years. She graduated in medicine from Oxford and London Universities. She has worked as a mainstream GP in Adelaide and Darwin, including as Medical Director of Family Planning NT, a GP at Danila Dilba and Genwise in Leanyer, and as a remote medical practitioner in Arnhem Land. Consequently she has developed many skills in treating acute health issues along with managing the complexities of chronic conditions.

Dr Penny has a special interest in the health and wellbeing of mature women. While this group may also have acute and chronic health issues, the overlapping menopausal changes often add to the complexity. She enjoys offering her expertise and ongoing learning in this area to women in Darwin.

Each month Penny spends time in Adelaide looking after her very aged parents as well as enjoying the company of her husband, children and grandchildren.

Please book in to see Penny for any GP issue.

Dr Rebecca Shugg

General Practitioner

Northside is very happy to welcome Dr Rebecca Shugg in 2020!


Dr Rebecca Shugg is originally from country Victoria.  She graduated from Monash University in 2011, completed General Practice training in Geelong, Victoria, before moving to Darwin with her family in 2019.


Rebecca spent time working in obstetrics and gynaecology before specialising in General Practice.  Her special interests are all areas of General Practice, plus women's health and sexual health, including transgender and gender-affirming medicine.  She also enjoys providing general and preventive healthcare to people of all ages.


In her spare time Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family, being creative with sewing projects and enjoying the outdoors with rock-climbing and orienteering.

Michelle Taylor


Michelle is originally from Melbourne but now calls Darwin home after more than 20 years here!


A true adventurer, Michelle shifted from working as an Intensive Care nurse in hospital, to delivering health and stress management coaching before becoming a Registered Psychologist. 


Her love of Energy work lead to training and then teaching in Reiki and meditation.

Her psychology practice is informed by Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Epigenetics, Psychoneuroimmunology and Mindfulness Therapies. She uses a very wide range of approaches, tailoring her choice to the needs of each client.


She has facilitated programs for the last 22 years for all Levels of local, state and federal government and been a keynote speaker at health forums, and delivered 

workshops for large and small private businesses in topics such as Mindfulness, Stress Management, Resilience, Wellbeing and Communication Skills.

Dr Melanie Parashar

General Practitioner

Dr Melanie Parashar joined Northside in 2019  having moved from Jakarta where she ran the Australian Embassy Medical Clinic for three years. Prior to Jakarta she worked in an Aboriginal Medical Service for 2 years, with a special interest in Rheumatic Heart Disease and mental health. Dr Melanie received her Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery from The Australian National University. She studied Psychology and Biochemistry in Tasmania prior to her medical studies.

Dr Melanie now calls Darwin home and has settled here with her family. 

She is skilled in all GP areas including women's and children's health, acute & chronic disease and enjoys skin 

issues, travel medicine and vaccinations.


Dr Parashar is an RACGP Fellow and also speaks German.



Dr Jane Chapman

Visiting Functional & 

Integrative GP

Jane is currently available for appointments by Telehealth due to COVID-19.

Jane is a highly experienced medical doctor with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, who does more than treat illness and manage symptoms.

Jane's philosophy is one of Complete Wellness for all her patients by addressing the underlying causes of poor health.

 She regularly attends conferences world-wide, obtaining up-to-date education on nutrition, hormonal imbalances, weight management, metabolic diseases, thyroid disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, mental health issues and “The 21st Century Syndrome”: adrenal fatigue.  Jane is a BioBalance practitioner and a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis expert.  

"My approach to my patients' wellbeing is to reverse the process of degeneration, decrease toxicity, and to encourage function in the body rather than dysfunction. My ultimate goal is for each of my patients to be able to enjoy life to the full in every way possible."

Samantha Richter

Physiotherapist &​ Osteopath

Samantha is a registered physiotherapist and osteopath, who has a special interest in pelvic health. She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Samantha also earned a Masters of Health Science and Bachelor of Clinical Sciences from Victoria University in Melbourne. She has worked in private practice, women’s and paediatric clinics. Samantha’s expertise is in treatment of pelvic floor disorders and dysfunctions for everyone age 5-105. She received her Board Certification as a Women's Health Clinical Specialist from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. She is certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance for pelvic muscle dysfunction biofeedback (PMDB). She has special expertise in supporting transgender people.

Samantha can help you improve and manage any of the following conditions:

·       Constipation/Encopresis/Faecal Smearing
·       Bedwetting (enuresis)
·       Urinary frequency, urgency and incontinence
·       Pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain
·       Labour & delivery related injuries, perineal tears
·       Coccyx pain and injury
·       Abdominal muscle separation (DRAM)
·       Return to sport and exercise after childbirth
·       Genito-pelvic pain disorder (vaginismus)
·       Vulvodynia and vestibulodynia (vulvar pain)
·       Sexual pain
·       Pelvic muscle pain / spasm
·       Urinary frequency, urgency, incontinence (leaks)
·       Faecal incontinence
·       Prolapse and pessary fitting
·       Pre and Post surgery – prolapse, continence sling, hysterectomy, prostatectomy, gender affirming surgeries.

Kate Walker

Speech Pathologist


We welcome Kate Walker to the team from March 2020.

Kate is a certified practising speech pathologist with special interests in voice, swallowing, upper airway and neurological disorders.  She has worked across the continuum of care from acute hospital settings to outpatient clinics for over 10 years in both Australia and the UK. Prior to studying speech pathology Kate trained as a music theatre performer and is now helping run True Colours Chorus, Darwin's first queer choir. As a singer, she has a passion for the area of voice including supporting clients wishing to modify their voice to align with their new gender identity. Kate also has an interest in management of upper airway disorders such as chronic cough and vocal cord dysfunction. Outside of speech pathology Kate is a naturopath and herbalist and brings her holistic approach to her work as a speech pathologist.  

Kate will be at Northside on Fridays offering speech pathology services in voice and communication for transgender individuals and gender related issues.