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Psychology & Counselling

Northside Health is very pleased to have the services of two psychologists and one psychotherapist.

Our psychologists are available for referrals under a Mental Health Care Plan allowing for Medicare rebates. If seen without this referral, you may be able to claim under your private health insurance extras cover. Our psychotherapist offers counselling services without a Mental Health Care Plan and his fees are the same as the out-of-pocket cost to see our psychologists.

Michelle Taylor is a registered psychologist with many diverse areas of expertise (including Reiki and meditation) and a particular passion for using mindfulness as a means of addressing a range of personal issues.  Michelle's psychology practice is informed by Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Epigenetics, 

Psychoneuroimmunology and Mindfulness Therapies.


Michelle loves group work and public speaking. She has facilitated programs for the last 25 years for all levels of local, state and federal government and been a keynote speaker at health forums and delivered workshops for large and small private businesses in topics such as Mindfulness, Stress Management, Resilience, Wellbeing and Communication Skills. She has also published a book!

Melissa Harding is a registered Psychologist and Educational and Developmental Psychology Registrar.  Melissa has a passion for psychotherapy across the lifespan. She has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults across many contexts having previously worked in schools, NGOs, and private clinics. 

Melissa draws on many therapeutic approaches to tailor therapy to each individual client. She has particular interests in attachment focussed therapies and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Melissa offers neurodiverse affirming therapies and is an LGBTQIA+ friendly therapist. 

Jarod Kaplan is a psychotherapist with more than 15 years experience providing individual, couples and family counselling. At Northside, he sees people over the age of 15, parents, couples and families. Jarod uses various approaches and offers a free introductory phone call before commencing his counselling process.

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