We are taking new patients for General Practitioner appointments, and for Naturopathy, Psychology and Physiotherapy/osteopathy.

General Practitioners

If you require a general GP appointment you can contact us on (08) 7999 7448 and book in with our mainstream GPs: Dr. Rebecca George, Dr Rebecca Shugg, Dr Penny Steele, Dr Melanie Parashar and Dr Libby Buchholz.

We offer a range of appointments including longer consultations (30-45 minutes).

Our standard appointment length is 15 minutes.

As of April 2020, appointments by Telehealth are also available, with the same fees and Medicare rebates applying as our face-to-face consults.

Integrative Doctor

Due to a shortage of Integrative Doctors in Australia it is not possible to see new patients straight away. New integrative/functional medicine patients are placed on a waiting list and are contacted when we have the capacity to take on new patients. 

If you would like to be on the integrative waitlist please follow these  steps:

1. Click the link  

2. Fill out the questionnaire and email it back to admin@northsidehealthnt.com.au

3. Please include a very brief summary of your health concern in your email and request to be placed on the waitlist. 

Integrative medicine considers healing to be a long term approach using multi-disciplinary, evidence-based treatments. If you feel that you want to start your healing with a range of integrative and functional supports and diet therapy we do have a senior Naturopath available in addition to mainstream GPs.



1. Click the link 

2. When you have finished, please save it again and email back to the clinic at least 2 days prior to your appointment. Please write in the email subject line the patient's name and "NPQ".

Physiotherapy / Osteopathy 


When you have finished, please save it again and email back to the clinic at least 2 days prior to your appointment. 

Email address is:  admin@northsidehealthnt.com.au