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Dietetics and Nutritional Medicine.


Nutritional medicine acknowledges the importance of food as medicine- what we eat contains thousands of molecules that effect cellular behaviour throughout our body. 

Nutritional medicine is a patient centred approach to healing. It assesses lifestyle, internal and external environmental factors using functional testing with the aim of creating an individual plan to restore homeostasis in the body. There is no one diet that suits everyone. Core principles include choosing nutrient dense foods and minimising inflammatory foods. Nutrient supplementation may be recommended to strengthen healing.

The role of the gut in multiple areas of health and disease is now backed by an enormous and ever expanding body of research evidence. The digestive system is the core of the body and imbalances may result in many health concerns including mental health issues, autoimmunity, pain, fatigue, nutrient malabsorption, allergies, skin conditions and much more. Nutritionists are able to identify inflammation in the digestive tract and assist with appropriate food choices and individualised gut healing processes. Using food as medicine and specific nutritional supplementation may prevent illness and bring recovery from disease. 

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"- Hippocrates.

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